12 responses to “Silent sound

  1. Also, WHere you write “haves” is should be “has,” (unless it is a play on words–I was wondering this: “haves” as very close to “halves” and also its homonym, as in “halving the goal.” cutting the goal in half.”) My guess though is you just missed the irregular conjugation. Even so, this is a beautiful pices.

  2. Reblogged this on David Emeron: Reflections upon Reflections and commented:
    This is a most beautiful piece. You do such free verse very nicely. Inspiring to me. I love the spare feel. Particularly because when one is outside–among nature, as it were, one feels so small–so vulnerable. On the one hand, so much beauty surrounds us; on the other hand, it can harm, or even kill us. Part of nature’s charm is in its danger, and it is, I believe a good part of why we feel so satisfied when we tame a small portion of it.

  3. Beautiful. I very much like the poem and the photograph – but I like the imagery you evoke best of all.
    When our daughter, Aisling, was small; we often played games with the mystery of sound in heavy ground-fog. We spent many magical hours with her outside in the fields singing and telling secrets. Foggy nights are good for secrets. Wonderful memories, thank you for calling them back to me, Sir.

  4. I remember, myself, once long ago having driven very close under the cloud cover. When the clouds are close enough to see more detail, but far enough away so as not to fog the road, they can appear sharp and jagged, rather than soft like cotton.

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