Childhood Biffy

 A sonnet to the outhouse

I remember childhood country biffy
A place to contemplate, without an end
I could my little kingdom soon befriend
And Never I’d be ready in a jiffy

I watched the patch of sunlight move around
And magazine reread another time
And perhaps sometime little slimy grime
The freedom such I take it lying down

The odor something getting happy with
Oh, was just a part of what defines you
The only problem was the growing queue
And then I had to go and leave my pith

A song of happy times in childhood john
Those happy times are longtime left and gone

7 responses to “Childhood Biffy

  1. Hi I think this is really beeutiful 🙂 and so well written that each reader would be taken aback in their own memories of childhood when things never seemed so rushed nor complicated and watching a patch of sunlight could be as wonderful as the clouds changing shapes .. :)) always beez

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  3. Thanks for sharing this link back to your “beginning” as a blogger and poet. Fun piece, and I can see that you have developed a lot since then too!

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